Propped and Cantilever Retaining Wall Analysis Program WALLAP analyses a wide range of retaining walls including Sheet pile walls, RC Diaphragm walls and Soldier Pile walls. Its scope is very wide including: cantilever walls, anchored walls, cut-and-cover construction, Integral Bridges, and seismic loading

WALLAP offers two separate types of analysis within the one program:

  1. Limit Equilibrium Analysis
    Calculation of Factors of Safety according to one of the following methods:

    • BS 8002 (Burland-Potts)
    • Eurocode 7 (Strength factor method)
    • British Standard Code of Practice No.2
    • BSC Piling Handbook
  2. Bending moment and Displacement Analysis
    Modelling of the stage by stage development of forces and wall movements as construction proceeds. The wall and soil are modelled as a beam and springs. Two spring models are available:

    • Subgrade reaction analysis (for routine design)
    • 2-D Finite element analysis (for a more rigorous approach)