Offshore Foundation Design Software

PLAXIS Monopile Designer (formerly PLAXIS MoDeTo) introduces an enhanced design method for monopile foundations. It transfers the results of the PISA Joint Industry Research Project to daily engineering practice. PLAXIS Monopile Designer enables dramatic reductions in the amount of steel of each monopile and, as such, in the overall costs of any wind farm. It can be used as a stand-alone tool for the rule-based design method and in connection with PLAXIS 3D for the numerical-based design method

Reduce Costs

Significantly optimize the designs for your monopile foundation project. This will reduce overall steel, fabrication, transportation, and installation costs.

Gain Accuracy With The PISA Method

Take advantage of the most advanced and innovative method for designing laterally loaded monopiles – Pile Soil Analysis (PISA). This method is the industry’s best practice for developing future generation offshore wind farms.

Simplify Your Workflows With Interoperability

Use PLAXIS Monopile Designer along with PLAXIS 3D to easily automate the process of generating and calculating 3D models. Derive, normalize, and parameterize soil reaction curves to calibrate your 1D model.