Complete 3D Geotechnical Finite Element Software

Bentley’s geotechnical applications are backed by world-class experience and are used to support the production of safer structures and environments worldwide. PLAXIS 3D WorkSuite includes PLAXIS 3D Ultimate, PLAXIS 3D LE, PLAXIS 2D LE, and PLAXIS Designer.

PLAXIS 3D Suite also includes the following modules:

  • PLAXIS 3D Ultimate augments the most comprehensive functionality to deal with the most challenging geotechnical projects.The former products 3D PlaxFlow Module and 3D Dynamics Module are included in PLAXIS 3D Ultimate. You can analyze the effects of vibrations in the soil, like earthquakes and moving traffic loads. You can also simulate complex hydrological conditions through time-dependent variations of water levels or flow functions on flow functions on model boundaries, as well as soil boundaries.
  • PLAXIS 3D LE (formerly 2D/3D SVSLOPE, 2D/3D SVSLOPE Advanced, 2D/3D SVFLUX, 2D/3D SVSOLID, and 2D/3D SVSOLID Advanced) supports your 3D workflows.
  • PLAXIS 2D LE (formerly 2D SVSLOPE, 2D SVFLUX, 2D SVSOLID, SV SOILS, and SVSOILS Advanced) covers your 2D workflows
  • PLAXIS Designer (formerly SVDESIGNER) offers powerful 3D conceptual design capabilities that are specifically built for geotechnical engineers, bridging the gap between raw data and conceptual models