Complete 2D FEM and LEM Geotechnical Analysis Software Suite

Take advantage of finite element method and limit equilibrium method capabilities for the design and analysis of soil, rock, and associated structures.

Rely on user-friendly software that saves you time with an easy-to-use interface. Strengthen credibility with sound computational procedures. PLAXIS 2D WorkSuite (formerly PLAXIS 2D Suite and SoilVision 2D Suite) includes PLAXIS 2D Ultimate and PLAXIS 2D LE.

PLAXIS 2D Suite also includes the following modules:

  • PLAXIS 2D Ultimate functionality is available to analyze the effects of time-dependent heat flow on the hydraulic and the mechanical behaviour of soils and structures.
  • PLAXIS 2D LE is software with a leading comprehensive set of functionalities for limit equilibrium method slope stability analysis. Predict design outcomes considering numerous soil models, support types, loading conditions, and design standards. Back analyse efficiently using probabilistic methods and parameter sensitivity methods. Determine material properties from site test data or search the database of 40,000+ soils. PLAXIS 2D LE also provides finite-element analysis that can be performed with popular use cases such as unsaturated groundwater flow, large-strain consolidation, and multi-year climatic effects, either as distinct models or combined with slope stability analysis.