LUSAS Civil & Structural is a world-leading finite element analysis software application for the analysis, design and assessment of all types of structures. 

Whether you need to carry out a straightforward linear static analysis of a simple structural frame, a dynamic analysis of a masonry or concrete building, or a detailed geometrically nonlinear staged erection analysis of a cable stayed structure, LUSAS Civil & Structural provides all the facilities you need.

Why use LUSAS Civil & Structural?

Benefit from the use of cost-effective structural modelling and analysis (including soil-structure interaction) of any structure, in one software package. 

Build global and local models that are feature-based and allow mixing of element types in the same model. 

Carry out advanced nonlinear geometry, material and contact modelling.

Customise the software to your needs using the LUSAS Programmable Interface.


  • Use Civil & Structural LT for linear static analysis of structural frames and grillages. 
  • Use Civil & Structural for linear static and linear modal dynamic analysis of shell and solid models. 
  • Use Civil & Structural Plus for more advanced analyses using the appropriate purchased option(s).