LUSAS Analyst contains a comprehensive range of unrivalled engineering analysis facilities to cater for all types of engineering design.

From simple 2D linear analysis of beams and plates through to advanced 3D nonlinear shell and solid modelling, LUSAS Analyst will help shorten your design and checking times giving reliable results every time.

An intuitive Windows-based graphical user interface gives easy access to the full range of powerful modelling and results processing facilities, together with on-line help.

Regarded as a leader in engineering analysis, LUSAS Analyst is rich in powerful and advanced features to meet your analysis needs and extend your design capabilities.

An extended, feature-rich engineering analysis system for more advanced analysis consisting of:

  • All the features and elements of LUSAS Analyst
  • Extended advanced high-performance element library including:
    • Implicit elements - curved bars, curved thick + thin beams, curved thin semiloof shells, curved thick shells, curved solids (high order), axisymmetric solid continuum with non-axisymmetric loading
    • Explicit elements - plane stress/strain continuum, solid continuum
  • Fast Iterative Solver Technology

For all types of linear static stress, nonlinear, dynamic and thermal analysis problems when used with the appropriate LUSAS Analyst plus software option.