LUSAS Academic software is used by universities and colleges worldwide for finite element research and teaching / training purposes. 

What do I get?

  • A fully functional version with no limit on problem size
  • State-of-the-art finite element technology from one of the world's leading suppliers
  • An easy to use graphical user interface for Windows Vista/7/8/8.1/10
  • Extensive customisation capabilities through the LUSAS Programmable Interface
  • Special interfaces for researchers to incorporate their own research work
  • Collaborative research opportunities with LUSAS.
  • Reduced rates on scheduled LUSAS training courses (when available).
  • Worked examples to help students understand the fundamentals of finite element analysis
  • An additional free Teaching / Training version of LUSAS to distribute freely to your students

Analysis Capabilities

By using the software protection device and licence key supplied, the full licenced version allows access to the following software products and options:

Software products: LUSAS Analyst, LUSAS Bridge, LUSAS Civil & Structural, LUSAS Composite

Software options: Fast Solvers, IMD Plus, Nonlinear, Dynamics, Thermal/Field, Heat of Hydration.

A Free Teaching / Training Version

  • With every order for LUSAS Academic you will also receive a free copy of the Teaching / Training version of LUSAS which you can freely distribute to students.
  • The Student Teaching / Training version is a fully functional copy of the software but with limitations on the size of problem that can be done.
  • With a student licence key the Teaching / Training version will run analysis problems with up to 250 elements, 500 nodes, 1500 degrees of freedom, and 10 loadcases - which, together with the step-by-step example booklets, is ideal for teaching fundamentals of FE analysis
  • The DVD (or download version) contains on-line help and all manuals in PDF form for direct printing.
  • Extra copies of the Teaching / Training DVD and printed copies of the examples manuals are available for a nominal cost.