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This 2-day course is for engineers with little or no prior knowledge of LUSAS or for those wanting to refresh their knowledge of carrying out linear static and for structural applications. The course covers getting started with LUSAS and then proceeds to cover in detail the modelling and analysis options available for creating  1D FEM – beam models, 2D FEM  slabs, modes & 3D Fem Volumetric model.

  • Modelling: Why has a certain modelling approach been adopted?, assumptions, limitations etc.
  • Feature geometry: Why features have been defined in a certain way?, units, orientations etc.
  • Mesh: What elements are used and why?, limitations, alternatives, connectivity issues, orientations, end releases.
  • Geometric attributes: How they have been calculated and why?, use of eccentricities etc.
  • Material attributes: Where they have been obtained from?, limitations etc, including calculation of any joint stiffnesses etc
  • Support attributes: Description of and, where necessary, reasoning including calculation of any spring stiffnesses used.
  • Loading attributes: Description of and, where necessary, reasoning including calculation of intensities or references etc.

Topics covered include :

  • System Overview – Using the mouse, Help Display Coordinate Systems, Pan & Zoom Model Rotation,
    Basic Model Building – Points, Lines, Surface & Volumes, Moving Copying Sweeping.
  • Defining Attributes – Mesh, Geometric Properties, Material Properties, Support Condition
  • Loading Attributes – Structural Loading, Prescribed, Loads Variation and Assigning Load.
    Static Analysis & Loadcase Management – Static Analysis, LoadCase Management, Load Combinations
  • Results Manipulation and Display – Choosing the load case, Deformed Mesh Plots, Bending Moments and shear force Diagrams, Contour plots, Graph Wizard, Section through 3D and Animation

Course Prerequisites :   None