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enquire-now-training-courses-200Duration : 3-days

This class begins with the basics of hydraulics theory as it applies to water distribution modeling, then takes students through more advanced topics such as: working with multiple scenarios and alternatives; model calibration; pump selection; energy and cost studies; extended-period simulation; fire flow analysis; identifying critical links, etc.  As WaterCAD and WaterGEMS capabilities are the same throughout this course, users will gain an understanding of both software applications.

Topics covered include :

  • Building Fundamentals and Building a Network with Fire Flows – In this session, you will lay out the water distribution system for a small subdivision using a background image as a guide.
  • Building a Network with Pump, Tanks and PRVs. Analyze various system scenarios with pumping, minor losses, check valves and reducing valves.
  • Model Calibration and SteadySate Calibration. Procedures and techniques to manually calibrate a water model for roughness and demands.
  • Design Improvement Network System. Plan, Develop and Implement a system improvement strategy and compare design costs using¬† new cost manager.
  • Automated Fire Flow Analysis. Calculating fire flows for a subset of a distribution system.
  • Running Simulation and Pump Energy Costing Analysis. Analyze the system’s response under time variable conditions focusing on VSPs, logic based controls, advanced graphing, topological alternatives, and energy costs.
  • Pressure Zones and Analysis of Valving. Find the critical places in your system which you can easily fix.
  • Automatic Model Building from External Source. Creating models from external GIS data, CAD file, Epanet, Excel data, etc.

Course Prerequisites : None