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enquire-now-training-courses-200Duration : 2-days

This advanced water distribution training course begins with the software tools used for automating system calibration and design and model skeletonization. Specific topics will include pipe renewal planning . Other topics covered during the advanced portion of the class include leveraging the interoperability of WaterGEMS to take advantage of the industry’s leading CAD/GIS platforms, water quality modeling and system flushing routines

Topics covered include :

  • Pipe Renewal Planner – Generate & display pipe condition assessment values based on pipe aspects and performance based criteria
  • Skeletonizing a Large Model using Skelebrator – Skeletonize a model and examine the results from different methods
  • Automating Calibration using Darwin CalibratorAutomatically design pipes using genetic algorithms. Calibrate distribution system models automatically and manually with field data such as pressure recorder readings, pump discharge, hydraulic grade line data, and flow meter data
  • Automating Design using Darwin Designer – Automating water system design thru the use of Darwin Designer.  Designing cost effective water distributions systems.
  • Multisource Mixing, Chlorine Residual, and Age Analysis – Run several water quality analyses on an existing water model.
  • Modeling Water Distribution System Flushing – Evaluate conventional flushing and unidirectional flushing.
  • Leakage Detection (Optional) – Use Darwin Calibrator to find leaks in a network.

Course Prerequisites : Bentley WaterCAD/GEMS V8i, Water Distribution Design and Modeling-Fundamentals