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Duration : 2-days

This class presents information on hydraulics and hydrology as they apply to the design of storm sewer systems and culverts, as well as instruction on applying the software for storm sewer hydraulic design and analysis. The software uses peak flow rational method hydrology with gradually varied flow hydraulics. The class also covers advanced features of the software, such as scenario management and exchanging data with databases and other applications.

Topics covered include :    enquire-now-training-courses-200

  • Storm Sewer System Analysis – Analyze an existing storm sewer network for the 5 and 10 year event. Review the results graphically and in tables.
  • Storm Sewer System Design – Design a storm sewer system and perform hydraulic grade line calculations. View the results graphically in profile.Import and work with a *.DXF background file.
  • Storm Sewer Analysis and Design with Inlet By-Pass Flows – Build a model from shapefiles using ModelBuilder. Load the ground elevations using TRex. Analyze the storm sewer system with inlet by-pass flows. Design improvements to the storm sewer network.
  • Evaluating Multiple Alternatives and Scenarios – Create a model with pre-development and post-development scenarios using Active Topology. Use StormCAD to analyze multiple “what-if” situations and compare the results.
  • Building Model from External Data Sources. Construct a model using the ModelBuilder Wizard and review the topography of the newly created model

Course Prerequisites :  None