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Duration : 3-days

This training class includes discussions and hands-on workshops on collection system hydraulics, new system design, master planning, capacity analysis, and rehabilitation, for wastewater collection systems. In addition to instruction on how the models work, students complete hands-on exercises using SewerGEMS, a dynamic analysis tool that can run directly within the GIS environment. Both steady-state and extended-period simulations (through time) are presented in this course, as well as gravity and pressure system components.  Analyses of combined sewer systems are also covered in this course.

This class enables those involved in capacity analysis, system rehabilitation, infiltration & inflow studies, and new design to use SewerGEMS to complete their daily tasks much more efficiently.

Attendees will be able to better produce customized profiles, graphs & tables, as well as learn how to present and review model results for pipe sizing, capacity analysis and wet weather overflows

Topics covered include :   enquire-now-training-courses-200

  • Constructing a Gravity Network – Steady Run –  Construct and solve a basic gravity network model- multiple scenarios
  • Gravity and Pressure
  • Automated Design – Designing a New System
  • Building Model from External Data Sources. Construct a model using the ModelBuilder Wizard and review the topography of the newly created model
  • Simple Steady State – Build onto an existing system and calculate steady state runs in different loading scenarios.
  • Dynamic Flow Routing – Set up and route unsteady flows through simple conduit model. Review results using color coding, graphs and annotation.
  • Catchment Hydrology – Create/assign storm events, enter unit hydrographs and route catchment runoff through a sub-watershed.
  • Combine Sewer OverFlow (CSO) Analysis – Analyze a combined sewer system, set up a diversion structure and evaluate the system during wet weather

Course Prerequisites :  None