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 Duration : 2-days

This training class includes discussions and hands-on workshops on collection system hydraulics, new system design, master planning, capacity analysis, and rehabilitation, for wastewater collection systems. Both steady-state and extended-period simulations (through time) are presented in this course, as well as gravity and pressure system components.

Topics covered include : enquire-now-training-courses-200

  • Sewer System Overview/Assembling a Model /Sanitary Dry Weather Flows
  • Constructing a Gravity Network (Construct and solve a basic gravity network model-multiple scenarios)
  • Reviewing Results in SewerCAD (Using FlexTables / Color-Coding / Annotating / Creating Profile)
  • Designing a New System with Dry and Wet-Weather Flows (Design a new system for peak flows and test for minimum flows. Automated Design-Designing a New System)
  • Pumps and Force Mains/Gravity and Pressure (Analyze the hydraulics of a gravity and pressure sewer system, and design a new branch)
  • Extended Period Simulations (Construct a sewer system with gravity and pressure components and run dry and wet weather simulations through time. Review Extended Period Simulation Results)
  • Building Model from External Data Sources (CAD/GIS) (Construct a model using the ModelBuilder Wizard and review the topography of the newly created model)

Course Prerequisites : None