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Duration : 3-days

This course introduces designers to using Bentley Rail Track software for rail design projects. This hands-on training walks students through the project design cycle; including setting up a project, existing ground data, geometry, regression, turnouts, track bed design, cross sections, volumes, annotation, and reporting.

Topics covered include :enquire-now-training-courses-200

  • navigate and use the Rail Track Interface
  • display surface contours, features and triangles
  • create horizontal geometry alignments from graphics 
  • create and edit horizontal alignments through curve definitions
  • perform horizontal regression on track survey data
  • layout cant along track
  • place and display turnouts
  • create profiles and cross sections
  • create and edit vertical alignments
  • use templates for track bed design
  • compute earthwork volumes
  • annotate drawings
  • generate an XML report and fixed format reports

Course Prerequisites : Bentley MicroStation Essentials Basic