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Duration : 3-days

This course is designed to teach MXROAD design tools in the design of a new road scheme and the production of drawings and reports The course consists of a series of lectures followed by practical workshops using a simple highway design to introduce the functions required for a typical design sequence.

Topics covered include:

  • Concepts and terminology
  • Starting up MX – New Project
  • Survey Data Input and Import
  • Viewing Models
  • Status Tools
  • Surface Checker and Editing Data
  • Surface Analysis – Triangles and Contours
  • Housekeeping & Model file maintenance
  • String Naming Conventions
  • Vertical Quick Alignment
  • Carriageway Design
  • Rule-Based Superelevation
  • Crossfall Checker
  • Roadway Widening
  • Reporting out Model Information
  • Junction Design
  • Junction Design – Join to Existing Roadway
  • Paved and unpaved shoulder design
  • Kerbs, Footways and Verges
  • Earthwork slope design
  • Pavement Layer Design
  • Volume Reports
  • Cross Section Creation and Viewer
  • Introduction to Final Drawings Production
  • Final Drawings Plan Display
  • Final Drawings Profile Displayenquire-now-training-courses-200
  • Final Drawings Layout Pages
  • Final Drawings Apply Annotation Style
  • Final Drawings Publish Drawings
  • Final Drawings Cross Section Display
  • Course Summary

Course Prerequisites : Bentley MicroStation For MxRoad Users