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Duration : 2-days

This course teaches personnel with a good working knowledge of MX, to best use MX to design a new drainage scheme or modify an existing scheme.

  • Using the MX drainage design tools in the design of a new scheme
  • Modification of an existing scheme
  • Production of drawings and reports

Topics covered include :    enquire-now-training-courses-200

  • Basic concepts terminology and controls
  • Create a composite model
  • Creating a drainage scheme
  • Parameters – Rainfall Intensity, duration of storm etc..
  • Existing services and additional surfaces
  • Placing gullies
  • Subcatchments
  • Tooltips and annotation
  • Placing nodes and pipes
  • Bypasses
  • Design checker
  • Network manipulation
  • Reports, costings and drawings

Course Prerequisites : Bentley MicroStation For MxRoad UsersBentley MXROAD V8i Fundamental