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Duration :  2-days

This advanced-level course teaches design engineers, engineering technicians, project managers and support personnel who have several years of experience designing road and other linear schemes with MXROAD or the MXROAD Suite to further advance their skills and expand their use of MX functions.

Topics covered include:

  • Interactive Horizontal Alignment design
  • Element design, constructions toolbars
  • Interactive Vertical Alignment design
  • Journal and Input files
  • Design of roadside features
  • Junction design
  • Custom Earthworks
  • Creating your own styles, alternative strategy
  • Forward and Junction Visibility
  • Amend a design to meet Visibility requirements
  • Style Set Editor
  • 3D View and Flythrough
  • Creating a video for public presentations
  • Final Drawings – Script Manager

Course Prerequisites: Bentley MicroStation For MxRoad UsersBentley MXROAD V8i Fundamental