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Duration: 2-days

This intermediate-level course is ideal for design engineers, engineering technicians, project managers and support personnel with a good working knowledge of MX, who want to make the best use of the CAD tools that are fundamental in MX.

Topics covered include:enquire-now-training-courses-200

  • Basic concepts of MicroStation in MX
  • MX configuration
  • Mouse functions
  • CAD environment (View controls, saved views, view windows, toolbars, level manager etc..)
  • New display (Level display, level manager, creating levels, transparency, references)
  • CAD tools (Snaps, creating elements, manipulating elements)
  • Data conversion (Level translation, AutoCAD data, MX conversion toolbar, creating new features, creating Master strings)
  • Simple printing
  • Cells (Cells, cell library, placing cells, creating cells)
  • Preparation of CAD Survey data (Managing text, 2D to 3D conversion, importing/managing/displaying cells)
  • Creating drawings (Using sheet models)
  • Convert to DWG format

Course Prerequisites : None