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Water Distribution Modeling and Management

WaterGEMS is a comprehensive and easy to use water distribution modeling application. WaterGEMS can run from within ArcGIS, AutoCAD, and MicroStation, or as a stand-alone application, fulfilling the interoperability dream.

WaterGEMS includes state-of-the-art genetic algorithm optimization and model building modules:

Model calibration – Darwin Calibrator evaluates millions of possible solutions to let users quickly find a calibration hypothesis that best matches measured flows, pressures, and on/off status. Darwin Calibrator also enables engineers to leverage flow and pressure data to find locations for detailed sonic leak detection.

Optimized design – Darwin Designer evaluates thousands of alternatives that meet users’ hydraulic requirements, recommending those that minimize capital investment.

Pump scheduling – Darwin Scheduler enables the optimization of pump operations to meet hydraulic constraints for pressure, velocity, number of pump starts, and tank levels.

Pipe assessment – Pipe Renewal Planner helps modelers optimize the replacement and rehabilitation of water mains by ranking the worst-performing pipes.

SCADA integration – SCADAConnect lets users automatically acquire supervisory control and data acquisition (SCADA) data in their WaterGEMS model.

Network simplification – Skelebrator automates network simplification while maintaining connectivity and hydraulic equivalence, reallocating assigned demands to your specification.

Improving Efficiency in Water Distribution Systems

Using the advanced features and modules of Bentley’s WaterGEMS/WaterCAD, utilities and their consultants are now able to increase revenues and reduce operational expenses through reduced water loss and lower energy costs with optimized pumping schedules. You will conserve water and energy resources, reduce your carbon footprint, and improve people’s lives.

WaterCAD/WaterGEMS’ ease of use and modeling accuracy allow engineers to improve the efficiency of water distribution systems in numerous ways:

  • Control water loss
  • Replace mains and improve aging water infrastructure
  • Repair leaks and pipe breaks
  • Analyze network assets and prioritize capital investments
  • Manage pressure to reduce hard-to-find underground leaks
  • Improve operational decisions
  • Optimize pump operation schedules
  • Accurately evaluate variable speed pumping strategies
  • Compare various operational and design alternatives

 Water Loss Technology (NRW)

 Conserve Water, Control Water Loss With Bentley’s Water SoftwarethCA9CNCJ8

Bentley provides utilities and consulting firms with solutions that let them make the best decisions on controlling water loss, replacing mains, repairing leaks, and/or    reducing pressure to reduce leakage.

Existing leak-detection techniques, such as step-testing or acoustic devices, require a lot of apparatus and personnel. As a result, they are very time-consuming and costly. The  new leakage-  detection feature of Bentley’s enhanced Darwin Calibrator identifies the locations and sizes of the leakage holes, emulated as emitters that allow water to spurt and seep out at different rates depending on prevailing pressure. With the effective and rapid prediction of the most likely leakage locations, consulting engineers and water utility owners and operators save time and money by focusing their site investigations on the model-predicted leakage areas to test for leakage hotspots using widely available leak-detection instruments.

Bentley is the only software company which has the ability to address all aspects of water loss. By using Bentley’s integrated water software, engineers will be able to improve customer service, reduce non-revenue water and generate a comprehensive and pro-active plan to manage water loss strategically. Bentley recommends applying its software products to the International Water Association Best Practices which combine 4 strategies to address water leakage: Active Leakage Control, Pressure Management, Speed and Quality of Repairs, and Infrastructure Management.

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