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PathPlanner A6

The leading professional CAD based software for airside planning, design and operations –  PathPlanner A6 is the ultimate tool for analyzing aircraft and vehicle movement on airport aprons and taxiways, assessing stand clearances and jet blast impacts and simulating complex pushback maneuvers.

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Airside Design & Operations

Aircraft Turn Simulation

Gate & Stand Design

Obstacle Surface Planner

Aircraft Data Viewer


 Aircraft And Vehicle path Simulation

  •  Simulate complex 2D maneuvers, e.g. push backs
  • Follow existing ground markings and drawing geometry
  • Animate maneuver simulations directly in CAD
  • Simulate complex 3D maneuvers, e.g. push backs
  • Connect to existing objects with ‘SmartTarget’

 Gate and Remote Stand Planning

  • Design 2D gates or remote parking positions
  • Define and adjust bridge limits, e.g. operational limits, slope
  • Place individual or multiple airplanes at desired position
  • Dynamically reposition airplane(s) to monitor, e.g. bridge slope
  • Create MARS stands with multiple bridges/lead-in lines
  • Include fixed installations, e.g. fuel hydrant pits, 400 Hz
  • Optimize airplane positioning based on, e.g. bridge slope
  • Analyze multiple scenarios, e.g. existing vs. proposed new

 Airside Planning

  • Display jet blast contours and impact surfaces
  • Display airplane service connections and vehicle arrangements
  • Create detailed nose-gear and cockpit markings
  • Avoid repetition using ‘Design Tasks’, e.g. fillet design

 Object Proximity Detection

  • Receive alerts when a near-miss/collision occurs
  • Perform a 3D proximity analysis, even when working 2D


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