LUSAS Academic – FEA

LUSAS Academic software is available for university research and teaching / training purposes.

LUSAS Technical Specification

What do YOU get?

  • A fully functional version with no limit on problem size
  • State of the art finite element technology from one of the world’s leading suppliers
  • An easy to use graphical user interface for Windows XP, Vista, 7
  • Extensive customisation capabilities through the LUSAS Programmable Interface
  • Special interfaces for researchers to incorporate their own research work
  • Collaborative research opportunities with LUSAS.
  • Reduced rates on scheduled LUSAS training courses (up to 50% discount on commercial rates)
  • Worked examples to help students understand the fundamentals of finite element analysis
  • An additional free Teaching / Training version of LUSAS to distribute freely to your students

LUSAS Academic consist of  LUSAS Analyst,  LUSAS Composite, LUSAS Bridge and LUSAS Civil & Structural

 Ideal for everyday analysis

LUSAS Analyst comfortably meets your everyday analysis needs. Unrivalled state-of-the-art element libraries and material models allow all types of engineering problem to be solved. Metals, plastics, foams, and rubbers can all be modelled. Isotropic and orthotropic models are available for linear static, linear buckling, and fatigue analyses plus natural frequency analysis for determining mode shapes.

 Comprehensive nonlinear analysis

Nonlinear stress analysis is becoming increasingly important with designers employing a wider variety of materials in a multitude of different applications. The LUSAS Nonlinear option, rightly regarded as the leader in nonlinear analysis, provides the very latest powerful techniques for solving problems having either material, geometric or boundary nonlinearity.

Case Studies

ani_rammer_results         hard_impact   lng_tank_seismic_comb_1_top_Sabs_300   ani_tiec




 Bentley Academic SELECT Subscriptions

Educators can access our comprehensive and economical software suite with over 50 multidisciplinary software solutions with unlimited student licenses for classroom or home use.

  • For use in labs, classrooms, and on students’ personal computers – free unlimited home use
  • Full upgrades to the latest software versions
  • Free live and on-demand training via the LEARNserver
  • Classroom support materials including training guides and curricula
  • No administration – product downloads, online training, 24/7 technical support, networking, and much more on a self-service system, STUDENTserver












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