Duration : 3-days

This course is designed to teach MXROAD design tools in the design of a new road scheme and the production of drawings and reports The course consists of a series of lectures followed by practical workshops using a simple highway design to introduce the functions required for a typical design sequence.

Topics covered include:

Concepts and terminology
Starting up MX – New Project
Survey Data Input and Import
Viewing Models
Status Tools
Surface Checker and Editing Data
Surface Analysis – Triangles and Contours
Housekeeping & Model file maintenance
String Naming Conventions
Vertical Quick Alignment
Carriageway Design
Rule-Based Superelevation
Crossfall Checker
Roadway Widening
Reporting out Model Information
Junction Design
Junction Design – Join to Existing Roadway
Paved and unpaved shoulder design
Kerbs, Footways and Verges
Earthwork slope design
Pavement Layer Design
Volume Reports
Cross Section Creation and Viewer
Introduction to Final Drawings Production
Final Drawings Plan Display
Final Drawings Profile Display
Final Drawings Layout Pages
Final Drawings Apply Annotation Style
Final Drawings Publish Drawings
Final Drawings Cross Section Display
Course Summary

Course Prerequisites : Bentley MicroStation For MxRoad Users